Back in May, Washington Football Team Owner Dan Snyder announced that the franchise would undergo a review of the team’s then 'Redskins' nickname, a name that many considered offensive, even though according to multiple reports and statements made by Snyder himself, the Redskin name was given to the Washington football team in 1933 as a way to honor Native Americans.

In 1971 then-coach George Allen, also consulted with the Red Cloud Indian Fund on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation when designing the logo as well. In July ABC reported Snyder offering an official statement which included, "In light of recent events around our country and feedback from our community, we have decided to change our name officially.

The Washington Football Team still awaits a decision regarding their official new name but suggestions abound. One of the most popular, 'Redtails" has been whispered throughout the franchise and rates high with fans as well. The Redtails would honor the Tuskeegee Airmen.

Washington Porkskins is another popular suggestion as well.

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According to the New York Post on Sunday, the Cleveland Indians, which established their name in 1915, are making a name change as well.  "It is not immediately clear what Cleveland’s exact steps will be beyond dropping the Indians name. The transition to a new name involves many logistical considerations, including work with uniform manufacturers and companies that produce other team equipment and stadium signage." The NYP goes on to mention that other professional sports teams, including the Atlanta Braves, and the Kansas City Chiefs, have said in recent months that they have no plans to change their names.

It's with name changes in mind that we invite you to let us know your suggestions for these two team's monikers. Seems they might need some help.

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