In a video that has gone viral from DeSoto, Texas! It shows a child is throwing a chair at a teacher. The teacher then reacts and throws a chair right back at the child.  While there is no context to this video this will never be ok!  This would have been worth a paddle to the behind, back in the day. I remember being paddled at Nazareth Academy for doing what kids today would say is nothing.

One of the videos shows an educator bleeding from the head and throwing chairs in a classroom. The events preceding the altercation are not clear at this time. You can read more about the incident in its entirety by clicking on this article posted by NBCDFW

DeSoto ISD said it does not tolerate behavior from adults or students that compromises the safety and security of the schools in the district. All individuals involved will be held accountable to the district's fullest ability to address the matter, DeSoto ISD said.

Police said in response to the videos, there will be a larger police presence at Desoto West on Friday. Very sadly, you can hear kids laughing through the whole ordeal. How do you think this incident should be handled by the school district? Let us know in the Facebook comments of this status.

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