We love to play games in our house. Some of our favorites include Uno, Cranium, and Mexican Train. However, there is one game that sends me and my wife's competitiveness and trash-talking to the next level. TETRIS! Yes, this simple Nintendo game from 1984 can be intense in our household and it's awesome. I mean if you can't trash talk your spouse in the heat of a video game,  what's even the point of getting married?  This brings us to a long-standing question in our household. Who is better at Tetris? I will present to you both of our arguments and you be the judge.

I  had an awesome game where I had stacked lines to right around 120. However, my wife, Venessa, had fewer lines than me, but her overall score was much higher. According to the Tetris leaderboard at the end of our game. She was the winner with that higher score. I don't buy it. LOL This is where you guys come in. Based on this information, who is better at Tetris? TAKE POLL BELOW

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I have searched everywhere on the internet and have found no exact answer to this question. This is what I found from codewars.com:

The scoring formula is built on the idea that more difficult line clears should be awarded more points. For example, a single line clear is worth 40 points, clearing four lines at once (known as a Tetris) is worth 1200

A level multiplier is also used. The game starts at level 0. The level increases every ten lines you clear. Note that after increasing the level, the total number of cleared lines is not reset. This is where most explanations of Tetris scoring stop. Cast your vote now!

If you want to take it back and play Tetris but don't have an NES. Here is a great place to get your Tetris on.

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