Hurricane Zeta made landfall in Louisiana as a Category 2 storm on Wednesday evening.  This is the SEVENTH Hurricane that has affected the state of Louisiana this year: Cristobal, Marco, Laura, Sally, Beta, Delta, and now Zeta.  The aftermath of Zeta has almost three million homes without power and the effects to way beyond Louisiana, in fact, the state of Georgia has reported the most power outages. Help is on the way and linemen are already working tirelessly on the daunting task of restoring power.  The strongest winds were found east of the eye. The highest gust of the storm was actually recorded in Gulfport Mississippi with a gust at  96 MPH.

  • Louisiana: 487,000
  • Mississippi: 210,000
  • Alabama: 482,000
  • Georgia: 855,000
  • South Carolina: 172,000
  • North Carolina: 430,000
  • Virginia: 25,000
Not only will emergency crews heading to the impacted areas.  Electric Workers and Linemen are heading in from all over the United States including Florida, Utah, Ohio, and Texas. Help is on the way.  Some of them are already hard at work. 
Here is the bad news.  Hurricane season ain't over yet!   Conditions will remain favorable for development into November.  We have gone through the full list of the 2020 Hurricane names and are currently on the Greek alphabet.  The next named storm will be Eta.
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