If you remember back to March of last year. Governor Abbott passed a temporary waiver that allowed restaurants to deliver alcohol as long as it was part of a food order.  The original waiver ended in May 2020 but was later extended in June.  In June, Abbott also added to-go mixed drinks as long as the business was following state guidelines.  He wants to make it permanent! Late Tuesday night, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott tweeted "Let's make alcohol-to-go an official law in Texas."


As reported by mysanantonio.com, Abbott made these remarks on the first day of legislative session on Tuesday.  What started as a temporary way to help businesses during the early phases of the pandemic is here to stay, If agreed to by the new legislature.  Senator Kelly Hancock and Representative Charlie Geren have already filled a bill on Jan. 7 that could make this waiver permanent. While there are many steps that have to happen for this to pass, it looks promising. If the bill passes, Texans would be able to purchase alcohol via pick-up and delivery for off-premise consumption, starting on September 1st, 2021. What are your thoughts about Abbott's decision to make to-go alcohol permanent?

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