Governor Abbott said one of his number one priorities is keeping taxes low for Texans in order to keep attracting new business to the state.  Another priority for Abbott is punishing cities, including Austin, for any attempts to defund the police. With an appearance at a Texas Public Policy Foundation conference, Abbott made it very clear that one of his major goals for the legislative session that began Tuesday is “to make it fiscally impossible” for a city to slash funding of police.  Reactions are mixed about this topic. What are your thoughts?  Read more about Abbott's plan in its entirety by clicking on this article from the Dallas News.

Back in December, Travis County authorities issued a curfew order enforcing dine-in service for restaurants and bars in Austin around the New Year's holiday. In which Abbott responded back quickly


Just yesterday, Abbott also pushed to make alchohol to-go a permanent thing.  If that bill were to pass, Texans would be able to purchase alcohol via pick-up and delivery for off-premise consumption, starting on September 1st, 2021


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