California, who?

Our admiration for the great state of Texas continues to grow about as fast the vineyards are growing in Texas!

That's right, when it comes to wine, Texas is giving grape growing states like California a bit of a squeeze. Trust us, the wild Mustang grapes growing all over our fine state are really just a scratch on the surface.

In fact, Texas is one of the oldest wine growing states in the US with vines planted in Texas more than a hundred years before they were planted in California or Virginia.

According to grape experts, there are more than 5,000 acres of grapes being grown in Texas with roughly 85% of the wine grapes grown in the High Plains of Texas. Those numbers continue to grow at staggering rates. Texas wine grape growers produced over 14 tons of grapes from roughly 5,000 " bearing" grapes in 2019. Production rises every year, up 22 percent from grape production in 2017 and there is no end in sight.

A toast to Texas!

Cabernet, Sauvignon and Tempranillo have the highest number of plantings in the state, followed by Blanc du Bois, Merlot and Black Spanish as the leading varieties of grapes in Texas. But why stop there? The United States Department of Agriculture along with the National Agricultural Statistics Service survey lists more than 53 wine varieties grown in Texas.

Did you know there are vineyards in Victoria, Texas? One of them, Western Hills Vineyard, located on the outskirts of Victoria is owned by Bob and Peggy Bailey. Friends and family harvest over 300 vines seasonally for local and regional wineries in Texas. How fun is that? If you're lucky they might even invite you to their next harvest. It includes lunch and " tastings" from local wineries. Even if you aren't a wine sommelier, you can appreciate that wine is fat free and contains no cholesterol.

Here are a few more fun wine facts while you pour yourself a glass. Okay fine, if you're really into the "other" wine country here's a link to Napa Valley.

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