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A Texas mom is taking "birthday" to the next level after delivering her babies on her own birthday for a second time, five years apart.

Proud mom, Ashlyn Macaluso, delivered not one but two of her children on her birthday, December 14th,  five years apart at incidentally, at the same hospital in Plano Texas.

December 14th is going to be filled with birthday cards at the Macaluso house in the years to come!

Mom said she had a hunch it would happen again when she heard her due date.

Mom and baby brother are both healthy and happy as Ashlyn offers that she had a hunch it would happen again after she delivered her daughter Adriana on December 14, 2016, and heard her new due date for her son was anticipated to be Dec. 17th.

Here is the Macaluso family during the gender reveal in 2021 from the Tanner Macaluso Youtube page.

Lucky 14 Birthday Club

Friends and family are calling it the " Lucky 14 Birthday Club" as not only is Ashlyn, Adriana, and now baby Nace all born on December 14th but get this, Ashyln's parents were also born on the 14th on different months.

Still, the 14th is the common denominator for this blessed family.

According to World Count, on average 385,000 babies are born worldwide!

We are really curious to know if anyone in the Crossroads has a story similar to the Macaluso family. Personally, I kept hoping to have a baby on my birthday but kept having winter babies until finally one in May. I've often wondered if my children's seasonal preference has anything to do with their birth month. My three born in the winter love the winter months and my May baby? She is all about the summertime!

Let us know on the station app about your similar stories! 

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