These are the stories that we love to hear about.  As I was scrolling Facebook I saw a heartwarming post about a Coach in Robstown, Texas.  Beeville Coach Aaron Martin saw that one of his football players tore his shoes while warming up for the Beeville/Robstown contest on Tuesday night.  What happens next is absolutely awesome.  Coach Martin made sure that the kid was able to play by giving him a new pair so he could play.

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The child's mom commented on the Facebook post..."Coach Aaron Martin from Beeville Jr High. I would like to thank you for being a Blessing to My Son. He is a sweet kid and was so happy when he got home and told me about the kindness you showered him with. May the Good Lord Bless you a Multitude of times for doing what you did this evening. Again I truly appreciate you and your kind words as well. God Bless YOU, SIR"  This is just another awesome story that makes me proud to be from the great state of Texas!

Just last week, I wrote about a college football game coming to a complete halt as the crowd sang along to 'God Bless the USA."; What you saw was a sing-along with over 50,000 Texans while they waved their cell phone flashlights back and forth. This also happened in Texas.  Proud to be Texan!

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