There are a lot of longshots here at the end of 2020. It seems like everyone from the President on down is loving the long odds here at the end of the year, and that includes the Texas Longhorns!

The Big 12 Championship game is coming up fast, and even though the matchup is set for December 19th between Iowa State and Oklahoma, there is still an outside chance the Longhorns can play for the title. It's all thanks to COVID-19 according to KCEN TV.

According to Big 12 officials, if either team currently set for the championship has to bow out due to a covid outbreak, then the Longhorns get to step up and play for the title. So if Oklahoma or Iowa State has an outbreak take place within their squad, the Longhorns would actually be the replacement team.

UT currently sits third in the Big 12 rankings. Thanks to the unbalanced tie-breaker rules in the Big 12 the Longhorns (5-3) have the tiebreaker over Oklahoma State (6-3). While fans will keep their fingers crossed the Longhorns have had their own covid-19 issues to deal with as a team after experiencing an outbreak after their win against Kansas State.

Should both Iowa State and Oklahoma stay healthy, UT fans will have to wait and see which bowl game the team may be selected for. If Iowa State ends up facing Oklahoma, the sooner are favored to win by 4.5 points as Monday mornings line.


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