Sitting in a Texas prison cell right now at this very moment, there is a man named Raymond Riles. Mr. Riles is no ordinary inmate. No, he holds somewhat of a record and has quite an event life. Riles has been on death row longer than anyone in the entire United States. He hasn't made his stay quiet either; no, Riles has lit himself on fire back in 1985, has had repeated outbursts, and attacked a judge. Riles reportedly is ready "for his last day."

Unfortunately, one thing he won't get to enjoy on his last day in Texas is the infamous 'last meal.' The state of Texas no longer takes in last meal request, thanks to an inmate by the name of Russell Brewer. Brewer ruined it for the rest of the inmates by ordering a massive last meal and then not eating a single morsel of it.

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If you knew you were about to be executed, would you go out with a bang or disappear with a subtle meal? Tell us below in our belly-busting poll:

Before Brewer ruined it for the entire state of Texas inmates, there were some pretty wild requests. Check out some of the last meal requests listed on Ranker; some of them don't even make sense!

8 Extravagant Last Meal Requests

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