Being a man (and one who lives in Texas at that), this is difficult for me to admit. But, here goes: when it comes to cooking steaks--whether I'm grilling outdoors or broiling in the oven--I just never seem to get it right. My wife Sweetie likes hers pretty rare, while I prefer medium-rare. Well, after reading the tips listed in this article, I just might be able to (finally!) cook a steak properly.

From an article by Rochelle Bilow at

We love a juicy, well-cooked (though not well-done!) steak. When you’ve got a quality piece of meat, you don’t have to gussy it up with complicated cooking techniques and extravagant sauces—and that’s precisely why we love it. It’s simplicity at its best: just good, old fashioned, unfussy eatin’. So why is cooking a steak so darn difficult? From a tragically gray exterior to an overly-cooked inside, there are so many ways to go wrong.


But fear not! Our test kitchen is here to help. Senior food editor Dawn Perry walks us through the art of cooking the perfect steak, whether it’s a porterhouse, a hanger, or filet. Ready to cook some seriously awesome beef? This is your time to shine.


You can see the complete list by clicking the link below. Man, now I'm gettin' hungry!

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