Earlier this week, a 6-year-old girl was dropped off at an emergency room at Baylor Medical Center Dallas's emergency room. It is believed that the child was left by her mother.  The six-year-old girl's name is Alexandria. This is what was posted to the official twitterTexas DFPS on the organization's official X account.

Thanks to social media, the family of a 6-year-old girl who was abandoned at Balyor Medical Center on Monday has been located. According to fox4news.com, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services say they know the identity of the little girl, who they previously only knew as Alejandra. They are in contact with the family.  A court hearing in her case is scheduled for Dec. 14. One Attorney says that abandonment of this nature could be grounds for the parents to lose custody of the child.

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DRAMATIC VIDEO: Texas Mom Wrestles Toddler Son Away from Dog

In a very scary moment captured in the Austin area when mother had to wrestle her young son away from a dog. According to a news report, Chante Wright-Haywood and her son CJ were walking out to their car, when a dog can be seen running towards the boy.

In the video below, which some may find disturbing, you see the dog run up to the boy and knock him down. The mom was eventually able to bring her son inside her home to safety.  You can hear her say, “It attacked CJ,”  in the video. According to a Facebook post, the dog also broke the hinges on the door.

A GoFundMe has been set up for CJ, for therapy and medical bills. click here for more information. The owners of this dog need to be held responsible for this.



VIDEO: Stray Dogs Viciously Tear Apart Cars at Houston Dealership

In something that looks like it comes out of a Horror movie! Video surveillance has recently emerged of stray dogs viciously tearing cars apart at a Houston area dealership!  According to abc13, two dogs tore apart vehicles at G Motors, a northwest Harris County car dealership off Cypress Creek Parkway. Employees said the incidents resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. See the video below, courtesy of WFAA.

According to the article, this happened on three different nights, from November 6th-18th. The damage is estimated to cost between $100,00 to $350,00. Finance manager Imran Haq told ABC13 he thought "a wolf" was possibly responsible until reviewing the footage. Read the full story by clicking here. 


Let's file this under the "dumb criminal' category. A Texas man was arrested after he stole a city-installed game camera. The man failed to realize that this camera was a city camera and was constantly sending images back to the city after he stole. It made the job of the Police really easy! According to a Live Oak Police Department post, the camera was sending images to the department and they believe the suspect was unaware. The suspect was quickly arrested.

VIDEO: Texas Thieves Yank ATM Right Out of the Store

A video has gone viral from Waco, Texas! It shows a group of thieves working together to basically yank an ATM out of a Waco convenience store.  What is going on with kids today? The three men in the video were using a stolen truck out of Waco, according to the police. The stolen ATM and car used in that theft were found dumped, nearby, later that day.  Take a look at the video that was posted to Dallas Texas TV Facebook page.


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