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5 Texas Children Terrorized As Intruders Kidnap Their Parents

Texans are speechless over the crime that took place in San Antonio on Wednesday, September 6th around 6 a.m. when two men violently broke down the door of a family home with five children inside, kidnapped the children's parents, and left with them in a white vehicle at gunpoint.

Can you imagine how terrifying it must have been for the children to witness the abduction of their mother and father?

The Investigation of Why The San Antonio Parents were Kidnapped Continues

The couple was allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint from their Southwest Side home and authorities are still piecing this bizarre story together.

Thankfully no physical harm came to any of the children, but the emotional trauma of witnessing a violent abduction of your parents will likely have a lasting emotional effect on the children.

What were the kidnappers' motives?

San Antonio police investigators are still working on the motive for kidnapping the parents, but thankfully for the couple's five children, the couple were found safe hours later on the west side of San Antonio.

Is there a threat to the San Antonio community?

Interestingly enough, SA police have not released the description of the alleged kidnappers at this time, but according to, police have offered that this was an isolated incident and that there is no threat to the community at this time.

Unfortunately for the children, this incident could potentially create lifelong anxiety after what must have been an extremely terrifying situation.

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