McAdams Floral and Townsquare Media presented Leah with a snack basket for Assistant Professionals Week. She was nominated by Chris Stefka. Here is what Chris had to say about Leah:

Leah is the person in our office that keeps things running. She gets anything and everything done that I need. It's always done on time and I couldn't function without her. She keeps the things flowing and knows all aspects of her job well. She was thrown into her position knowing very little about it. She taught herself what she needed to know to get the job done. It's safe to say I don't function well when she's gone.

So here is an awesome gift basket courtesy of McAdams Floral.  Your office just doesn't function all by itself, this is your chance to say thank you to that person that makes it happen! Give McAdams a call today to show your assistant how much you appreciate them.