While no one in Texas is a Billionaire, there is a new millionaire in San Antonio and it was sold at another inconspicuous-looking convenience store.  A winning $1 million $20 500X ticket was sold at the  Pik and Pack Food Mart located at 1801 West Avenue in San Antonio.  This was the first top jackpot prize claimed in this game. There are still 3-$1 million jackpot tickets, 5-$100,000, and 28-$25,000 prizes remaining in this series of tickets. If you play the  $20 tickets, you're saying there is a chance. Please play Texas Lottery responsibly. 

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On the lower end of the jackpot, the smallest prize for a Mega Millions jackpot is $4 when you match the Mega Ball only.  If you match 1 number and the Mega Ball that is worth $8 and if you match 2 numbers and the Mega ball, get ready to go to the bank because you will win a whopping $20.  The Mega Millions jackpot has reset to $20 million and rises every time there are no matches. Mega Millions drawings are held Tuesday and Friday at 10:00 PM.


While the winner of the $1.33 billion dollar Mega Millions jackpot did not live in Texas. We did have 2 $1 million dollar winners in Texas that matched the five numbers. According to the Texas Lottery website, the two winning tickets sold in Texas were bought in Plano and Prairie View. The Plano ticket was purchased at a RaceTrac convenience store, located at 1100 W. Park Blvd. The Prairie View ticket was bought from a Fuel Maxx, located at 420 University Dr. Just in case you were visiting those areas.

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