Photos and/or videos of police officers "go viral" just about every day; often, it has something to do with cops behaving badly. However, in the case of two of Victoria's finest--Senior Officer Bryan Knief and Cadet Officer Anthony Vacarro--they're getting national attention for doing a good deed.

After being covered by local media, the story of the two officers buying groceries for a Crossroads-area family in need has spread nationwide, as reported by KOKC-TV, the Fox affiliate in Oklahoma City:

Two Texas police officers are getting praise after a photo of them buying groceries for a needy family went viral on the web.

The two officers, from Victoria, Texas, were spotted in line at a local grocery store in full uniform with a basket full of groceries.

Rebecca Vasquez was behind the two officers in the check out line.

"It just seemed a little odd just that they were in full uniform and everything," Vasquez said.

Vasquez then asked the officers what they were up to.

"They actually told me that they were going to be donating the entire basket to a family in need," Vasquez said.


Here is the video report posted at KOKC-TV's website,


Officer Knief and Cadet Officer Vacarro, you make your fellow Victorians proud, and it's an honor to have you protecting and serving our community.

(via Texas officers buy food for family in need.)