The Victoria Amateur Radio Club will hold its regular monthly meeting tonight (11/15) at 7:30pm at Citizens Hospital (on Houston Highway) in Classroom B (this location is for the November meeting only). Prior to the meetings, many members have dinner together at Ramsey's restaurant at 1403 N. Navarro St. If you've ever been interested in the hobby and service of amateur ("ham") radio, here's your chance to do it! It's no longer a requirement to know Morse code, and there are plenty of resources available to help you study for your entry-level Technician class test. In fact, the VARC has testing sessions on a regular basis. When other forms of communication (cell phones, Internet, etc.) fail, amateur radio works; which is especially important in times of natural disasters and other emergencies! To learn more about amateur radio, go to To visit the Victoria Amateur Radio Club's site, click here. 73!--Skeeter N5ASH