Ah, yes, the ongoing business of music. A couple of days ago I told you about the court case involving Tim McGraw and his record label, Curb Records. Apparently, Tim is trying to get out of his current contract with Curb. In the meantime, he wants to continue recording new material, only for a different label. It appears Mr. McGraw has won this round.

CMT Daily Roundup reports that Tim McGraw will be allowed to record outside of his contract with Curb Records according to a judge who ruled in favor of the country superstar on Wednesday. The arguments were part of an ongoing lawsuit with Curb, which sued Tim for allegedly breaching his contract. The damages portion of that suit will be worked out in court in July. According to the Tennessean, Tim and his wife Faith Hill hugged each other in the courtroom after the ruling.
 Moments after the news was released about the ruling, Curb released a new single from Tim called “Better than I Used to Be.”
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