Okay, Elvis has been gone for a long time now, but that doesn't dampen the enthusiasm of thousands of his fans in the Crossroads area. His persona and music live on and on through performers like Donny Edwards.

Donny Edwards was 2 years old when Elvis Presley passed away. But the Lake Jackson native grew up listening to the King's records. "I started singing and slapping my leg like him," Edwards told the Victoria Advocate. The 37-year-old tribute artist began emulating the "King of Rock and Roll" and received a compliment from Elvis' own drummer, D.J. Fontana. The former computer scientist traded in his keyboard for a microphone.

Edwards' career has given him the opportunity to travel the world. He was a top three finalist on ABC's "The Next Best Thing," as well as earned the crown as a two-time champion tribute artist.

Edwards has the utmost respect for Elvis and tries to stay true to the King's form. "You can't modernize something that's timeless." Edwards said. "One hundred years from now, people will still be listening to Elvis."

Crossroads residents will be able to see this champion Elvis on Saturday, June 23, at the Victoria Fine Arts Center. "Edwards is one of the best tribute artists in the world," said Promoter Steve Fountain. The concert will also feature the Dallas-based band Fever, and Wayne King, who will pay tribute to Roy Orbison. King is flattered to receive the chance to hit the same stage as Edwards. "Working with him (Edwards) puts a feather in my cap. The show is going to be amazing," King said. A 46-year-old Chester, England-native, King admitted to being enamored with the 1950s. He particularly likes the falsetto range of the "Pretty Woman" singer.

The performance will be at 7 p.m. Saturday, June 23 at the Victoria Fine Arts Center, 1002 Sam Houston Drive. Tickets will be $20 to $25. For more info visit donnyedwardslive.com. To purchase tickets call Steve Fountain at 281-713-8140.