I remember playing this song for the first time about a month and half ago, I immediately received 5 calls about the song "Oil Man."  Since then  this song has been the most request song  to date on KIXS 108 for 2016.  The Chad Cooke Band has a unique sound that brings together 70’s Southern California rock and roll and a Texas brand of music referred to as Red Dirt Country.  Like any other country boy Cooke grew up in a small town and that is where a majority of his influences came from.  Driving down those backroads, hanging with friends, and of course the occasional girl that left him.   Now how did this song "Oil Man" come to be?  I would give your the back story, but I have an even better idea.  How about Chad Cooke tell you about it himself!  You can hear all about it and so much more as the Chad Cooke Band will be in the studio on Friday April, 22 in the 9 O' Clock hour as they join the JP in the Morning show.    So tune to hear "Oil Man" and we will also debut some of his new music as well!