A couple of days ago, I wrote about country music's abundance of "crossover" artists, both crossing over to country music and crossing over from country music. A couple of readers noticed that I had not mentioned one of the more successful crossover artists... Taylor Swift. This young lady has had more success than Dell and Apple combined. She's all of twenty-one years old and has already had more than her fair share of hit songs in a number of musical genres and formats, including country.

According to CMT Daily Roundup, Taylor Swift’s latest hit, “Mean” hit #1 this week on the Country Aircheck chart, marking the eighth #1 song of her career. The song’s success is very gratifying to the country superstar, especially after performing it during two back-to-back, sold-out shows at Gillette Stadium in Boston last weekend.  Swift said, “When you write a song and it comes from such a vulnerable moment in your life and then you get to stand on a stage and the affirmation that 50-thousand people have gone through that too and they’re singing along…It’s been kind of wonderful.” Taylor’s sold-out Speak Now tour hits 79 stadiums and arenas this year. Tonight, she plays Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Miss Swift's 2011 tour also hits Dallas, Lubbock, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston, in that order. Keep listening to KIXS 108 for a chance to win your tickets.

Just one more thing... and this is just personal opinion. The little songs about high school boy friends were cute when she was 16. She's 21 now. When do we get to hear her write and perform some "grownup" songs? Just sayin'...