world record

KIXS 108 Is Part Of A World Record
This morning I had the pleasure of being part of a world record, for the largest swim lesson.  This was a worldwide event and Splashway was invited to be a host for this area. The rain did not hold people back, and after that they unveiled their new wave pool which is HUGE...
Earl Pitts 11/19/13: Fast Cross Country
Earl has some thoughts on a recent cross-country driving record. Would Earl and his buddies at the Duck Inn attempt such foolishness? Oh, they might consider it...for a few minutes. But Earl offers up some pretty good reasons why they probably wouldn't succeed. Hear them for yourself!
Weird Or Awesome? You Decide
This has been coming up the past 5 years or so, not only with boys but girls as well.  How a mom pushes her daughter to compete in beauty pageants, or how dads push their sons in sports.  We don't know if the kids really want to do this or the parents push them too hard...