Earl Pitts 11/7/13: Ironing Underwear
It seems there has been a lack of communication around the Pitts' household recently. What Pearl Pitts considers a simple household chore, Earl thinks is a bit overboard. If you missed today's episode, we have it for you here.
Earl Pitts 10/10/13: “Pearl Has Left Me!”
Earl's wife has left. Oh, not permanently; she's just off to help her cousin paint her nursery. So, Mr. Pitts is on his own for a few days, and has to figure out how to work the new washing machine he bought for Pearl to use a while back. As with most modern things, Earl just doesn't …
Trace Adkins’ Wife Shows Off His Superman Underwear
If Trace Adkins was shy about sharing the more intimate details of his wardrobe, he’d probably be upset with his wife Rhonda today. However, the country giant has proven in the past that he’s willing to let fans see what’s behind the metaphorical curta…
Somebody Just Paid $200 for Bernie Madoff’s Underwear
Over the weekend, all of the personal items from disgraced swindler Bernie Madoff's Palm Beach, Florida mansion were auctioned off by a Miami auction house.
And we mean all of his personal items. In fact, an unnamed buyer paid $200 for a couple weeks worth of Bernie Madoff's unmentionables.