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Shopping Cart Common Courtesy
Okay, pet peeve time. If there's one thing that drives me up a wall, it's pulling up to a parking space at Walmart (or, any other large retail establishment for that matter), only to find a shopping cart right in the middle of the space! This requires me to have to park, get out, move the …
The Combination Of Soap!
So about a month ago I went to Sam's Club and bought in bulk.  I got a good deal on some hand soap.  It was a 4 pack of the soap that turns into foam.  I prefer that stuff over anything else.  I don't know why but it just works for me.
I noticed the other day that all 4 …
How Smart Is It?
Can it do my math homework?  What about my taxes?  Will it drive for me?  NO.  Then why did they name it the smart car.  The price is good though, it starts out at $12,000.  BUT.