Can it do my math homework?  What about my taxes?  Will it drive for me?  NO.  Then why did they name it the smart car.  The price is good though, it starts out at $12,000.  BUT.

There's always a but.  If you wanted to pick this car up they in fact do start out at $12,000 but lack performance, space, no air conditioning, no radio, no automatic windows, and no bluetooth.  Ok so if this thing is as smart as they say and it doesn't even have ac, radio, or any other features why not go for a different approach when buying a new car. 

If you do add those options it will run you around $14,000 and for that money they have much bigger vehicles out there to meet the average car owners needs.  Not to mention it takes premium gas.  I will say it will get 31 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway which is about the only good thing about the smartcar. 

Has anybody thought about a car crash in this thing too.  If it is hit from behind, the front, or on the side I gaurentee you this car will go flying.  It will more than likely barrell roll like 50 times.  Honestly it looks like one of those little miniature vehicles your sister had as a kid.  You know the barbie mobile. 

They are good though to drive around town if it's just you,  or if you have to go pick up a few bags of groceries because that's about all your going to get in there are a few bags.  Don't go to Sams Club with it that's for sure.  I'm sure all of you think I really hate the car, I don't.  I just think it's not worth it even though it is cheap.  How about saving your money for a car that can fly!