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Eric Church Gets Special Note From Bruce Springsteen Himself
Eric Church‘s hit song, ‘Springsteen’ borrows the name of the New Jersey rock and roll star, but the tune isn’t exactly about Bruce Springsteen, per se. If you’ve listened — and we know you have — you know that ‘Springsteen’ is more about nostalgia and good memories than it is about the Boss himself…
Eric Church, ‘Creepin’ – Song Review
Eric Church has chosen what could one day be his encore song as the fourth single from ‘Chief.’ ‘Creepin” isn’t the best song on the album — it may not even be in the Top 3. However, it’s the project&CloseCurlyQu…
Eric Church Cancels Concert After Losing His Voice
Eric Church was forced to cancel his show on Sunday (April 29) after he lost his voice due to illness. Fans were already in line by 6PM at the U.S. Cellular Coliseum when the announcement was made that the concert was axed due to circumstances beyond the singer’s control.
Another Sold Out Show Added For Eric Church
As you can imagine, I receive a LOT of promotional music and material. I make a point of listening to all of the music that crosses my desk. You never know who will be the 'next big thing'. When i hear something I like or i think it has potential, I keep it on hand. At this writing, I'm looking at a…

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