Every once in a while, a song comes along that you KNOW is going to be a hit. It's not necessarily the best song or the most heartfelt song or even the most meaningful song. It's always a song that has something you can totally relate to. From the first time I heard it I knew, "Red Solo Cup" was one of those songs. As it turns out, i was right! (first time this year)

Toby Keith received a plaque celebrating the Platinum success of his cross-over smash “Red Solo Cup” recently. He performed the song live on the ACM Awards this past weekend and says it’s amazing how the pop world has picked up on it. Toby told CMT Daily Roundup, “I’ve got 80-million spins as a songwriter and I didn’t write this song...it’s my only song that’s ever gotten pop airplay to speak of. Ryan Seacrest made it the Spring Break song of 2012.” The song has already sold more than 1.7-million copies.
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