On May 13, 2010 I wrote this regarding a pit bull attack within the city limits of Victoria. Almost two years later, pit bulls are still attacking pets and people in Victoria and now sadly, we have the unnecessary death of a 4 year old little boy in Victoria county.

“I don’t normally write items commenting on news stories. However this morning I read the story about the lady being attacked by a pit bull and I thought to myself why anyone would want to own such an aggressive pet. Ironically while I was pulling out of my driveway, I saw a light brown pit bull with a white chest near my house. You could tell she recently had puppies. I rolled down my window and she scampered away. As I pulled further down my driveway, I saw a black pit bull standing over my granddaughter’s 5 pound white cat. The cat was mauled, bloodied and of course dead. I got out of my car and start towards the dog and it squared off at me and moved towards me. I got back in my car and called animal control.

This dog was the aggressor. It came upon my property. It attacked and killed a 5 pound deaf cat that has no real fear of dogs and this cat spends a majority of time on my property, front yard and back yard with my own non aggressive dogs.

It’s time the city ban all pit bull breeds from the city limits. And if the county had any sense, they would do the same. There is no reason to call an animal a “pet” when the aggressive behavior can cause injury or death.

I have no idea who owns a black pit bull and a female light brown pit pull in the downtown Victoria area, but I will find out. And if you are the owner of those pit bulls and they come upon my property, I will deliver two dead pit pulls to your front door. If I find your pit bulls running around downtown, I will call animal control, have them picked up and I will encourage the destruction of your “pet”.

This is probably un-popular with pit bull owners, but when this breed is known more for its aggressive and deadly behavior; it is time to ban this breed from the city limits of Victoria.”

Multiple attacks and now a death is directly attributable to pit bulls. It’s really tough to advocate the destruction of a breed, but now is the time for the county and city to step forward and start making adjustments to the ownership of these aggressive breeds. We can point fingers that it’s the owners and not the breeds and that incompetent people are owning these dogs. We can point the finger at the breed itself and just say it’s a non useful breed that is genetically inclined to be aggressive or even a killer.

One way is to have owners register their breed with the county and/or city. Owners of the breeds should have a zero tolerance put upon them to make sure these dogs never exhibit aggressive behavior towards any human whether on their property or off their property. Should this occur the dog should be considered a candidate to be destroyed. I know that’s a tough statement, but tolerance of any aggressive dog towards humans can no longer be accepted. The city and county should adopt an ordinance that specifically addresses the ownership of pit bulls. Should other breeds fall under an aggressive category, they, too, should be considered. Now I am sure there are some that will say a Chihuahua could be aggressive, however I have yet to read any report that a Chihuahua dog has ever scaled a fence, run down a human and tore at their throat.

Let’s be sensible in determining an ordinance and get experts such as veterinarians to share their knowledge regarding aggressive dogs and possibly make recommendations in controlling aggressive breeds. Better to let experts advise than non animal professionals that sit on the council and county commission.