It's got to be a great thrill to be an up and coming country artist and be invited on your first big tour... especially if it's someone you respect and admire. To be asked in person is just icing on the cake.

When Miranda Lambert invited Chris Young to join her on the On Fire Tour this year, it wasn’t your typical request. Chris says he’s used to getting these offers through his management over the phone. That’s not how it played out this time! CMT Daily Roundup quoted Young as saying, “We were doin’ a show somewhere and she’s like, ‘You’re gonna go out with me on my tour next year, right?’ And I’m like, ‘Ahhhh...sure!’ Like, really? ‘Cause we have the same manager and so my manager says, she goes, ‘She’s asking you!’ I’m like, ‘Ahhhh...yeah!’ So, that’s the first time I’ve ever had someone ask me in person. That’s the first time that had happened.” The On Fire Tour also features Jerrod Niemann and continues February 16th in New England.
Miranda will present at the upcoming 54th Grammy Awards, airing live on Sunday, February 12th at 8PM Eastern on CBS.
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