Ah, yes, the glamorous life of a country star. Riding a million dollar tour bus from beautiful venue to beautiful venue. People waiting on you hand and foot to make sure you have any and everything you heart desires so that you can do your absolute best performance night after night, performing the songs you have become famous for. Yeah... right... until certain 'changes' come along... like children.

Two of the three Lady Antebellum band members are now hitched, leaving newly engaged Dave Haywood to be the next one to exchange vows with his girlfriend. The group agrees, having everyone on the same page in their personal lives makes life a little easier. When speaking to CMT Daily Roundup, the members of Lady A said, “[Charles] It’s nice to kind of, all kind of be going through the same things and, you know, we’re gonna figure out, probably the next step when kids come what that’s gonna be. Maybe we stick ‘em in the bottom bays of the bus, you know, so you can hear when they cry. [Hillary] Make a really wicked nursery under there. [Charles] Yeah. [Hillary] No, we’re just kidding [laughs].” Lady Antebellum’s Own the Night tour starts up again January 27th in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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