Yesterday I was talking about "what happened to" artists, specifically Big and Rich. There's one country artist that you won't have to ask that question about for many years to come. George Strait has one of the most, if not the most, impressive track record of all time among country artists. I won't go into detail about it. Everyone knows it, and you can look it up anywhere. I think that it's sufficient to say that his body of work has spoken for itself... and continues to speak for itself.

 And now, “King George Strait” is back on top of the country charts with his 24th #1 album. According to CMT Daily Roundup, "Here for a Good Time" debuted at #1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart and landed at #3 on the Top 200 chart this week. Though he thought about hanging up his songwriting hat, George admits he definitely had a good time writing the tune with his son Bubba and Dean Dillon.  “’Here for a Good Time was an idea that my son had had, and Dean, he’s going like, ‘Well, Bubba what have you got today?’ And he goes, ‘Well, I got this ‘I’m not here for a long time, but I’m here for a good time idea. Should we write it as a ballad? Or is it serious?’ We decided it was a more fun idea than a more serious, so we wrote it that way.” George recently announced a 2012 tour with fellow country star Martina McBride to kickoff in January.

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