We teamed up with McAdams Floral to give a chance to our listeners to WIN a snack basket for their boss. This week is national Boss’s Week.  Here is one of our winners: Kim Obsta with Victoria College. Abraham Mendoza submitted her name. Here is what he said about her: My boss, Kim Obsta, has made the workplace a very fun place to work in. Even though we work in the financial aid office, which can be stressful at times, we still have a very chilled and relaxed atmosphere. On occasion, she brings in food to the office to enjoy without no repayment. She has been working at her position for 9 years going on 10 and that is an accomplishment in itself. Everyone deserve a little break now and then and my supervisor, Kim, goes beyond to help the students here in the financial aid office and for that, she deserves this snack basket because she deserves to have a treat just for herself.