Jim Keady, a social activist, theologian, educator, and elected official who shines a light on the lives of Nike factory workers, will speak at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015 at the Leo J. Welder Center as part of the 'Lyceum Series'. Keady has spoken across the United States and at international venues to thousands of interested audience members. He has been sought out by members of Congress, as well as university administrators, religious and union leaders, and student groups to offer his personal and professional experience and critiques on the issues of sweatshops, globalization and social justice.

He was a soccer coach with the St. John’s University Red Storm, the Men’s NCAA “Division One” National Champions, when he stood up against Nike and their sweatshops, and it cost him his job. Since then, Keady has made ending sweatshop labor his life mission.

Many people ask the question, “What is it like to live on a sweatshop wage in a developing country?” Keady found out by spending one month in an Indonesian factory workers’ slum living on $1.25 a day, a typical wage paid to Nike’s subcontracted workers.

Admission is free.