It's nice to hear about a "star" that actually cares about their fans. If you've gone to a concert in the past 10 years, you know that ticket prices are out of control. It's not unheard of to pay $200 plus dollars just to see your favorite artist perform live. If you ask me, that's highway robbery. Jason Aldean agrees with me and he's doing something about it.

Jason Aldean is taking over arenas by storm, as his ticket sales keep climbing. CMT Daily Roundup reports that he told the StarTribune he understands the “economy is screwed up” which is why the cost of a 2012 My Kinda Party tour ticket is less than what you’d expect. Jason’s top price for a ticket is $50, which is an approach he learned while signing with concert promoter Live Nation. He says it was just “common sense” for him to charge “$40 instead of $80,” and “make the same amount of money.” Jason also admits he has already recorded a new album with a “party” theme and it will feature a few famous collaborators from Nashville.
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