They're popping up in a neighborhood near you: "We've Been BOOed!" signs . First one neighbor or friend , then another ... and then it's your house! So you ask what's behind it all? Welcome to the wonderful world of Halloween BOO-ing! Its “the Phantom", the Halloween BOO is an autumn take on "Secret Santa". Usually seen in neighborhoods--but sometimes in the workplace--BOO-ing is a friendly tradition for Halloween fun. You will have so much fun guessing who Booed you or waiting on the person you BOO to call you. Or like me praying you don’t get caught or the person doesn’t drive up when you are BOOing their house. To start this process one person secretly leaves a small gift basket, a BOO poem, BOO instructions and a BOO sign at a friend’s doorstep. The lucky BOO-ee is asked to post the sign near the door, alerting others that "We've Been BOO-ed!" That way, new BOO recruits won't leave a duplicate BOO on the doorstep. Last but not least don’t forget to put the BOO instructions in the person’s goody… yes I forgot to leave it at my sister’s and friend Stefanie’s house. If you would like to BOO a friend or neighbor click here

Ready Set Go!