[/caption]There is nothing better than watching 4 days of the Masters and then heading out to the golf course.  Thankfully Victoria has multiple courses to choose from.  It's always nice having an option of what course to choose.  Victoria has three courses.  Riverside, Colony Creek, and Victoria Country Club. 

I love golf and am very good at the game as well.  I started playing the game at five years old, and thankfully I've experienced pretty much every type of shot in golf you can have.  I actually like playing in the rain and wind due to making it more of a challenge.  It's great practice as well!

The two courses I do play here in Victoria are Riverside and Colony  Creek.  I don't really prefer one over the other as both are at great locations, descent price, and both courses are in fair condition.  They both are open to the public and are fairly wide open courses, where if you hook or slice it you still have a pretty good chance of getting par.  Riverside has a few more trees and in certain areas of the course you better bring accuracy or you will be marking a bogey or more on the score card. 

I simply love golf, I just need more of a challenge than the courses here in Victoria.  What is your favorite course to play in the surrounding area.  Do you have a specific course you play in Corpus, San Antonio, Houston, or Austin?  Also if you ever want to get beat let me know.  I'll be glad to show you how to play!