Ian, a young fan attending an Arizona Diamondbacks game, was ecstatic when a ball tossed into the stands by Milwaukee Brewers’ second baseman Rickie Weeks ended up in his hands.

However, when Ian noticed that a younger kid — who had botched the chance to catch Weeks’ flip before it reached Ian — was sulking over his failure, Ian immediately went over to the pouting boy and offered him the baseball.

Diamondbacks broadcasters Mark Grace and Daron Sutton were so impressed with Ian’s generosity that they called him into the booth, where they gave him free tickets to an upcoming game and team memorabilia.

It was all reminiscence of a scene earlier this week in San Fransisco, in which a youngster’s epic pout after missing out on a foul ball resulted in the San Francisco Giants broadcasters sending him over a replacement souvenir. Generosity is alive and well at the ballpark.

You can check out Ian’s classy move below.

[via The Daily What]