I went out to play golf earlier today and I played with one of the rudest people I think I've ever played with.  I would actually prefer to play with someone who's never picked up a golf club than to play with the guy I did today. 

I was heading to the first tee and two older gentlemen asked if I cared to join them and I said sure.  I'm not going to name any names but lets say the first guy's name was john and he was 60.  The second guy's name was Jeff and he was 84.  Well the whole time John kept on yelling at Jeff and it was really irritating.  Jeff hit a ball not too far off the tee but still a descent shot and he said "well I'm just old I guess" in a joking matter and all of the sudden John starts complaining "Oh come on you big cry baby".  I was shocked.  He treated Jeff like crap the whole time. 

John also kept on trying to explain to me where to hit the ball but more importantly how to play the game of golf.  REALLY?  I'm a pretty good golfer where I usually average a few strokes over par and this guy who shoots in the 50's is trying to tell me how to play the game.  I couldn't believe it.  I said a few times "you know buddy I've been playing quite awhile just to let you know", and his remark was "I can tell".  I just smiled and walked away. 

I'm sorry but that's really irritating to me.  Yet in a way it was really funny.  He was cursing, walking in front of Jeff's line when putting, and here he is talking to me how to play the game and teaching me golf etiquette. lol.  I just thought I would share this story with you.  When you play golf, even if your better than the other person, don't rub it in.  Don't tell others what to do either when that other person can whoop you on the course.  Be respectful to one another's game as every individual plays different than you do. 

That is all.  A little golf etiquette 101 for you.  If you ever have questions about the game ask me.  Or if you ever want to go out and play a round or two let me know!