Here in South Texas, our air conditioners can take a beating during the hot summer months. With temperatures rising, it’s important to ensure your cooling system is ready. One way to help keep your system up for the task is having seasonal maintenance done. Spring is the perfect time to have your cooling system checked. Getting your cooling system checked out now, can help you get the most efficiency from your system, saving you money on your electric bills every month.
Maintenance can also help spot any issues that may arise with your unit, preventing any unexpected breakdowns that can leave you without air conditioning during the hottest part of the year. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your system and save you from costly unexpected repairs.
Get ready for summer by having one of our expert technicians make sure your unit is running at its best. And ask about our Club Membership program, which gets you two seasonal maintenances (one prior to cooling season, one prior to heating season), discounts on repairs, priority service, peace of mind, and so much more! For more information call us at 361-574-9618 or visit our website at