I guess since I'm in radio it probably isn't a good idea to be talking about television. But, what the heck, I can't help myself. I just feel like I should spread the word when  a promising young country performer gets a chance to expose his or her talent, especially on a national scale.

Craig Morgan is gearing up to make his debut appearance on TBS’ Conan.  He will perform his current single “This Ole Boy” and even though it’s his first appearance on the late-night show, he knows what to expect when it comes to production. Craig spoke to CMT Daily Roundup, saying,  “Everything is smaller than it looks like on t.v. (laughs). The area that we do everything - it’s all a quarter of the size really. It’s really weird!” Catch Craig perform “This Ole Boy” on Conan tonight (4/11) at 10PM Central on TBS.
You can hear Craig Morgan every day on KIXS 108.