I was on facebook the other day and had a friend share this on her wall. I don’t Niko personally but would like to help spread the word about his upcoming benefits.  Here is the info I saw on facebook from his brother Mike Ramirez . I hope this helps explains a little about Niko. I wish him a fast recovery.

Throughout his childhood, he was always a hard worker. Daddys little handy man to be exact. He always was dads little shadow. I remember him throwing his whole body back and crying when he got angry and dad would just pick him up. Niko was always into something though. A little pyro if you will. One time him and our cousin blew up the toilet with a M-80 firecracker. My dad was pretty upset but he couldn't hold a serious face. It was too funny for all of us EXCEPT niko and our cousin. He would start little fires in the backyard, he was fearless. He still is fearless!! Through the years we grew up playing baseball. Dad was our coach. Mom was on the baseball committee. She was always our BIGGEST FAN! If we had a rough game, she would always smooth it out. We loved playing ball, especially Niko. That was our life for years and years. School went on, Niko played on the undefeated Patti Welder football team with long life buddies. He also played basketball as well as track too. Niko wanted to try it all. What ever he did, he gave it his all, no matter what. We grew up going to church at Templo Jerusalem Baptist Church. Although we were not a perfect family, we still served the Lord. Niko knows who Jesus Christ is. He has accepted him as his personal Lord and Savior. He was involved in Royal Ambassadors. A group of young men who, through bible studies and activities, grew as a small band of brothers with their walk with Jesus Christ. In high school, Niko played football with the Victoria Memorial Vipers. In this chapter of his life he would finally discover he had a gift of reaching out to people and motivate and encourage. Niko helped so many, and never asked anything in return. He was and still is an All-Time Favorite among thousands of people. Niko is an all around guy. From fishing to hunting, singing (which he is really good at) to dancing, and even just kicking back and enjoying a chick flick every now and then. He did. Sometimes he would even wear moms high heels. Lol, Dont ask me why but yea! He is going to get mad when he reads this part . lol But this is just letting you all know Niko is a great and funny guy. Niko knows all walks of life. He treated everyone the same. He could walk in a room of all ethnicities and walks of life and he would know them ALL. He is loved by soooo many. After high school Niko got a job washing cars at courtesy car wash and eventually ended up working with Mom at Magic Industries; working his way from the bottom to eventually becoming a good mechanic. After years at Magic, Niko took a different venue at careers and he accepted a job in the oil field as a floorhand for Unison Drilling Co. This job would help him in his near future. On May 26, 2013, Memorial Day weekend, Nikos life had come to an abrupt stop. While riding a 2008 Yamaha R6 unhelmeted, Niko ran into the back of his friends ATV, causing Niko to flip off the motorcycle. Niko sustained a blunt blow to the head and suffered with a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (STBI). After being rushed to the hospital, we as a family got word that he did not have any high hope of surviving. After deciding to get life flighted to San Antonio, we were then informed that it was not going to happen, the weather was to bad to be flown in. My parents then decided to go ahead and have him transported by vehicle for the 2 hour drive to San Antonio. They were told Niko would not survive the drive. BUT HE DID!!!! Niko underwent a life threatening emergency brain surgery to relieve massive pressure from the brain. The doctors said he wouldn't survive the surgery. HE DID!!! Nevertheless, the doctors told my parents to go ahead and prepare the paperwork on organ donation to science, Niko would not survive 2 days. HE DID!!! We prepared for the spiking of swelling after 72 hrs. After praying with a group of over 100 supporters, Niko reached the 72 hrs. HE MADE IT!! After undergoing all of this, Niko baffled the doctors with his overwhelming drive to fight for his life. Niko has went from 2 days to survive, to 2 weeks, now on 2 months. It has not been an easy road, there has been some complications, but through our Gracious God, he has overcome each one. Through the power of prayer and the Heavenly Hands of Our Father, Niko is with us today!! Amen!!!!!! This will be a long journey but Niko continues to break through Adversity and continues to Fight Hard EACH DAY!! God has spared Nikos life for a special reason that we all cannot wait to see blossom. From being diagnosed as a vegetable state from San Antonio and never being able to function properly again....... Here is our FIGHTER VICTORIA!!!!!! SHOUT IT OUT!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!! Niko, by the Grace of God WILL HEAL!!! We SHOUT IT OUT AND DECLARE IT WITH ALL OUR HEARTS AND ENERGY!!!! NIKO WILL HEAL!!!! Family, friends, and Victoria, Thank You ALL for EVERYTHING you have and continue to do for Niko and our family. We continue to ask that you keep Niko and The Ramirez Family in your prayers. Prayers work!!!! We ask everyone to join us next Saturday August 10th to help support Niko Ramirez. There will be fun for the whole family!! Join us as we give Thanks to Our God who has spared his son to fight his hardest battle! We claim VICTORY GOD!!! Share this with EVERYONE you know!!! We are still in need of briskets, so if you find it in your heart to give or maybe give again, please reply on this and someone will contact you.

Here is information about the Niko Benefit on August 10th

Softball/Kickball Registration $80  $25deposit-nonrefundable due August 7th, rest due day of benefit. Will start about 9am

Car/Truck and Bike Show  $20entry fee for Cars/Trucks  $15 for Bikes  Show up and pay day of benefit or you can pay early to reserve a spot closer to the stage. Vehicles can start to show up at 10am

Live Auction starting at 11am at the Jaycee Hall

Brisket/rice/beans Plates $7each. Dine in or carry out. Will also deliver to local business with a minimum order of 20 plates. We will need to know at least the day before.

To learn more about our event, please contact Ann Sanchez at 361-489-8155 or nikobenefit@yahoo.com. Facebook page is named Niko Benefit.