In case you missed it this morning we had co-host Mackenzie Blain of Manning Gymnastics in the studio with me. She won 1st place out of 32 in the Nation on Double Mini! Her hard work and dedication has paid off! Her coach Chad Ganaway was in the studios with her. He has been her only coach over the years and gotten to watch Mackenzie grow over time.

Mackenzie shared with us that her favorite food is donuts and that’s ok cause she burns off all the calories when she practices. She practices 3 times a week. Her hobbies include hunting, fishing, gymnastics, playing outside, and swimming. She also told us her parents Sara and Britton Blain are her role models. Her favorite artist are Miranda Lambert, and Taylor Swift. Her favorite song Automatic by Miranda Lambert. She attends Myersville School where she plays basketball, track and flag football.
We here at KIXS 108 wish her the best and can’t wait to see what next brings for her. I hope you also enjoy this silly photo of Miss Mack and I below.