Snow At The Brackenridge Main Event Center Saturday
Do you ever wish it would snow in South Texas? It snows so seldom down here that, when it does, it's an EVENT! Well, guess what... snow is in the forecast at the Brackenridge Main Event Center on January 17, 2015! The 5th Annual Brackenridge Winter Carnival and Snow Day is an event that visitor…
Principal, Teacher Record Hilarious School Closing Call
I guess if you're going to have to inform parents that school is going to be closed--again--due to snow and ice, you might as well try to inject a little humor into the announcement. That's just what happened recently in Boone County, Kentucky! You'll want to see and share this video!
Texas Olympics License Plates Available
Let the Games begin! The 2014 Olympic Winter Games are less than a week away, and the United States Olympic Committee has licensed to release an official Team USA plate design for Texas. Show your support for Team USA and get yours at
“The U.S. Olympic Committee is proud to…
Area School Closures, Late Starts
With the threat of temperatures hovering near or at freezing in the overnight/early morning hours tonight and tomorrow. some area schools have announced they will be closed, or starting classes late. We have the latest listings here!
Protect Your Pets!
Let's face it, those of us who live in South Texas aren't used to very cold weather. That's why a lot of us moved here from elsewhere, and why we have "Winter Texans," who come south to avoid sub-zero temperatures and ice & snow where they live the rest of the year. Well, when it gets …
Are You The Next Steven Spielberg?
We saw it over and over again during the holidays. A teenage boy at his family's Christmas gathering, who apparently only cares about looking at his iPhone. The TV ad--titled, "Misunderstood," has a very touching surprise ending. It turns out that the young man was recording video of the v…
Woman vs. Cat
Most often, when we hear the term, "cat fight," it refers to two women getting into some sort of conflict or altercation. Well, in this video, it's woman vs. cat. See what happens when a woman tried to shoo away a stray cat so that she can walk her dog. Lesson 1: don't ki…
Latest Road Conditions From TxDOT
Here is the latest update on Texas road/highway conditions, courtesy of TxDOT:
*****   Sunday 12/8/13 5 p.m. UPDATE   *****
Roads much better, but bridges remain a probl…

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