Last week, many people headed to Houston to see the rodeo and see their favorite artist play live. One of our listeners, Vanessa Cantu, went to see Brad Paisley on Saturday with her husband, Oliver. Her favorite song is "Then" because it is their wedding song. Vanessa sees Brad as an artist who gets involved with the audeince and is a great live performer. She said, “He’s such a great person period!” They have seen him every year for the last 4 years and will continue to do so as long as he's there. I think Vanessa might be one of the biggest Brad Paisley fans.

My husband, myself, and a group of friends went to see Zac Brown perform on Thursday. The concert was awesome and if you haven’t seen Zac Brown live, I recommend you check them out live if you get the opportunity. We returned on Saturday to see Brad Paisley who reportedly set an attendance record for country performers at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for his concert there on Saturday night. There was a paid attendance of 73,825 there to see him.

At the concert, two great things happenend. First, I ran into my old best friend from junior high, Lesli Gilkey, who I went with to my first concert ever to see George Strait. She had updated her Facebook that she was going to the rodeo and so I responded. Even though there were over 73,000 people, we still managed to find one another in the crowd. It turned out we were just sitting a few sections over from each other. It was good to see an old friend and pick up right where we left off.

Second, I have always heard of people being proposed to at concerts or events but never saw it happen until this concert.

Edurado Rosales proposed to Monica Palacio, seated a few rows from us. They have been dating for five and a half years, he had originally planned to propose to her on her birthday but when he heard that Brad Paisley was coming into town he decided to surprise her. The week before he insisted that she find tickets to the concert which were nearly impossible but she found them, he was very persistent. So that day he went and bought a whole new wardrobe for the concert while she went and picked up her little sister.

Eduarado proposed to Monica when Brad Paisley first started playing his third song "She's everything". He turned around and asked the lady behind them to take pictures. He turned back and asked Monica to stand up and reached into his pocket. That's when she knew what he was doing. It was definitely a surprise! Everyone stood up and clapped and congratulated them. I have seen several occasions on TV where couples would become engaged at public events but never witnessed it in person until Saturday. I wish Edurado and Monica a marriage full of happiness, wealth, and good memories.