It's easy to forget. It's easy to forget how blessed we are. It's easy to forget how much 'stuff' we have. It's easy to forget how much 'stuff' we have that we don't need or use anymore. It's easy to forget about the people that don't have any 'stuff'... even something as basic as shoes. That's what 'Barefoot Sunday' is about.

Saturday from 6pm to 9pm at the Renegade Church, 3706 North Navarro, (the former Incredible Pizza) the 'Barefoot Sunday' organization will be collecting shoes to send to impoverished families in Africa. Last year 5,300 pairs of shoes were collected. This year promises to be even bigger!

Go to your closet, your garage, your storage unit, and find all of those shoes you've forgotten about, those shoes you will never wear again, even those shoes you think you "might" wear again, and bring them to the Renegade Church Saturday. You'll be entertained with great music by 'The Revival', 'Two Guns For Hire', and 'One Nation'. You'll also have a chance to make a pledge to go barefoot on Sunday... just like some 350 million children worldwide.

All donations will be accepted. No high heels, please.

Giving 'Barefoot Sunday' your shoes is a big step towards helping others. For more information go to or the Barefoot Sunday facebook page.