George Strait has been a great country singer for a long, long time. Back in the 70s, he plyed a place in San Marcos called Cheatham Street Warehouse. If you would wash out a tuna fish can so they could use it for an ash tray, you could get in to see George and the Ace In The Hole Band. Even then, he was a really good country singer. Still is.

George Strait has scored another #1 single with “Love’s Gonna Make It Alright.” At 59 years old, the country icon is celebrating his 59th #1 hit! “King George” says making your way in the music business is all about picking the right songs. George told CMT Daily Roundup, “You know I’ve always thought that, whether I’m writing or not, you know, I’ve gotta pick the best songs. I’m not just gonna sing them because I wrote them. You know—I’ve gotta find the best songs to make the best record I can make.”  “Love’s Gonne Make It Alright” is the second #1 from his album Here For A Good Time.
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