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You'll Never Guess What Town In Texas Sucks The Most

Texans are exceptionally protective, especially when it comes to the towns they were born in, so we're going to tread lightly here with our lists of Texas towns that suck the most and why.

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Weakest Job Market in Texas

According to in their list of worst cities in every state in the US for 2023, Robstown Texas is listed as the worst in Texas because "Robstown, Texas, has struggled with high joblessness for years. Likely due to the weak job market, Robstown is losing residents rapidly."

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Most Boring City in Texas

Heath, Texas is a small Texas city with a population of just over 8,000 residents and according to, even after being a "relatively affluent community" Heath just doesn't offer much to do day or night. For those of us in the Crossroads, Rockport Texas came in at number 10 on that list.

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Dirtiest City In Texas and The Worst Traffic In Texas Too

It's going to look like we are picking on Houston here, but when you are number one on the list, you are number one on the list and Houston has been pegged not only as the dirtiest city in Texas but also with the worst traffic in Texas for 2023.

According to KXAN, Houston is not just the dirtiest city in Texas, sigh, it's the dirtiest city in the United States.

Tim Boyle
Tim Boyle

Let's switch it up for a second with the Most Beautiful Town in Texas to Live In

As the weather cools down in Texas, it's especially easy to see why Fredricksburg is considered the most beautiful town in Texas. With its abundance of German culture, food, and architecture, Fredericksburg Texas is famous for its serene ambiance and fall foliage in the autumn.


The suckiest town in Texas goes to...

Moneyinc. offers that Huntsville, Galveston, Center, Beaumont, and San Antonio all make the list of the 20 worst places to live in Texas but... South Boulevard Park Row, Texas takes the cake! Just the crime rate alone will deter you from ever wanting to visit. SBPR boasts a 243% percent higher than the national average crime rate with a violent crime rate at 658% above the national average. YIKES. 

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