It's that time of the year again where I need an inspection.  YAY!!!  I went to a place called, let's just say place 1.  It was going to take them 45 minutes till they even got to my inspection so I chose to come back at a later time.  I went back to place 1 and then he said we just don't have any time for one as our inspector leaves for lunch at 1.  I asked him then if he could tell me of another place and he directed me to place 2.  I went to place 2 and everything was good to go.  The sales guy called me up to the counter only to see the vehicle in the shop.  I thought here we go, what add ons will I need.  Will it be, windshield wipers, the horns not loud enough, is there moist in the tailights?  Come to find out I needed new wipers.  I said no way, these wipers were just changed and he points out a small little bitty tear at the very end.  I LEAVE!

I then went back to place 1 after the inspectors lunch break was over and was even early to ensure I get a good spot.  Well how bout them apples, there were 4 people waiting as well.  It was going to be about an hour or so.  Do I just not have the patience for these types of things or is it just ridiculous why it takes so long for an inspection.  It sure is a good way to make a couple extra dollars by telling the person you need new wipers, etc.

What about people that have an older car and they just simply don't have the money to put their hard earned money into a vehicle that simply doesn't need any adjustments.  It's been working fine, looks ok, but somebody out there is going to make you pay that extra money that you don't have.  That leads people into not even dealing with it.  Then of course the next week you will get pulled over and have a hefty fine due to the outdated inspection sticker.  It's a lose lose situation here.

I guess if you have the time for it that's great.  If you have the extra money for something wrong that you wouldn't even dream about checking, then get it done.   Either way I still have to do it, after all it's a Texas Law.  Do you follow the rules when it comes to laws like this or do you let it go, and take your chances?