"Thank you for choosing United Airlines Express nonstop flight to Houston George Bush Intercontinental, we will be taking off on time and expected to land in Houston within the hour. We hope you enjoy your flight."

Exciting news for Victorians who don't like to fight Houston traffic or the long commute as Victoria Regional Airport announces its latest addition to flights within our Texas hubs, United Airlines now offering two flights daily to George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Round trip tickets on these new United Airlines- United Express flights look to cost about $200.00 with one-way tickets under $100.00 which you can conveniently price check and book your tickets directly on the Flyvictoria.com website offered here.

With two flight times to serve you, one at 7 am and the next at noon, with a little over an hour of flight time expected, these new flight opportunities could mean more growth for business and leisure travel, only expected to grow the Crossroads community further.

In an interview provided by Crossroads Today, Vinicio Llerena, Executive Director at The Victoria Regional Airport offers, “This is what the community deserves in essence. If you want to grow the community, if you want to bring more companies to be based in this community, if you want the University of Houston to grow and everywhere else that is Victoria county, the region, the City of Victoria, then you’re going to have to offer real commercial service like United Express." Each of these flights includes a flight attendant and beverages. You don't get to keep the flight attendant.

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If you'd like more information you are welcome to call the Victoria Regional Airport at 361-578-2704 or 1-800-846-8331. If you are one of the first to use this new flight service, be sure to take photos and videos and let us know on any of our Townsquare Station apps about your travel experience. We are excited to hear Victoria Regional Airport is now offering non-stop flights to Houston and hope this continues to help our community grow.

I see a Houston Christmas shopping trip in our future! Wonder what the additional baggage charges are?!

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